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Unleash the power of Attack on Titan with our Plush Doll Toy Collection! Dive into emotion with Levi in striking black and yellow styles, alongside Eren and Mikasa. Choose the size that fits your passion – 20cm or embrace the bigger cuddles with the 45cm plush.

Key Features:

Iconic Styles: Levi in bold black and striking yellow attire.

💖 Legendary Trio: Featuring Eren and Mikasa for a complete set.

🌟 Size Options: Choose from 20cm or 45cm for your perfect cuddle.

🤗 Embrace the Hug: Soft, huggable plush for the ultimate comfort.

Let the Titans of emotion invade your space. Order your Attack on Titan Plush Doll Toy now and bring the legendary trio home in styles that resonate with your heart.